3 ways to overcome things that are driving you crazy

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My mission was simple: pick up the Indian takeout and get home quick. Little did I know that I would be fighting a brain mosquito that had already ruined my mood and wouldn’t go away.

One thing after another notched my anxiety up and my mood down. The restaurant wasn’t where I thought it was — it was a 15 minute drive away. Then the drive took me almost an hour because Google Maps kept giving me directions that kept me ping-ponging between two neighborhoods. Once, I found a business that was one digit less than the restaurant’s, but my…

Fight for Common Decency

Demanding better from our politicians and ourselves

How long have US politics been so painfully divisive? Five years? Ten? Can you even remember a time when it wasn’t?

Here’s how we got here. Too many people have wanted their guy (and now, gal) to win above all else, even when doing so is bad for the country — and, almost unthinkably, even when doing so makes their own lives worse.

Winning feels great, but the price is too high. Getting what I want, no matter what makes a person less human —locked in a cell of their own making, lacking empathy for all others, forever consumed by…


Your happiness starts here (if you want it)

Photo: Brett Jordan

It happens every day, like the rising sun.

It happens about 100 times every month.

People like S. Ikuejegbee, بهمنی, R. Arado, H. Singh, K. Plaskiewicz, and N. Chiu make it happen.

It has happened 13,999 times.


“What can I learn from this?”

Photo: Amos Bar-Zeev

Your current relationship is getting worse.

You come home to an empty apartment.

You’re tired, but you still help your child with their homework.

The average person will just go on to the next thing, and the next, and so on. One day they say, “I wish I was happier.” Then they go on to the next thing.

You, you’re no average person. You ask yourself:

What can I learn from this?

Answering this question, then using what you learned, is the best way to move your life forward.

Here are four things to help you get the most out…


Wouldn’t it be nice to stop feeling disappointed or anxious?

Photo: superkitina @ Unsplash

What do you feel when you give a gift — or receive one?

Is it a happy event, one that leaves you feeling good and able to move forward with your day? Or does it somehow fall short, and you keep coming back to it in your mind again and again?

Let’s look at getting a gift first.

Your aunt gives you a saucepan and you hate cooking. Your boss gives you a leather-bound appointment book — and when was the last time you ever wrote anything down on paper? All sorts of things fly through your head. I’ll never…


Photo by SeongPhil Jang on Unsplash

Dread. Anxiety. Resignation. That’s how I felt about the prospect of calling my insurance company to take care of a billing problem. Vera, the person in Billing I was sent to, gave me surprisingly expert and conscientious help. She put me on hold once, then said she would call me back because she didn’t want to keep me on hold (!). Five minutes later, she returned my call and said the problem was fixed.

I later realized that what I said is actually a template for how to give a compliment that will get me better service in the future…

Gregg Williams, MFT

Retired therapist. Married 25 years. Love board games, deep movies. Boundless curiosity about everything. Over 13,000 people are following my articles.

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