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4 Undeniable Facts That Prove You Can Make Your Life Better

Knowing these facts opens limitless possibilities for your life

Fact #1: You can change

You say, “Nothing’s ever going to change,” but…

  • Have you given up the pureed pears you loved when you were a year old?
  • Have you learned to enjoy some food you didn’t like when you first tried it?
  • Have you changed from who you were ten years ago?

Fact #2: You can control what you do

You say, “I have no self-control,” but…

  • Have you ever stopped your car when the traffic light turned red?
  • Have you ever gone to work or school even when you didn’t feel like it?
  • Have you ever been polite to someone even when you felt like yelling at them?

Fact #3: You have the power to choose and then act on those choices

You say, “I always choose the wrong thing,” but…

  • Have you ever realized you were about to eat something that wasn’t good for you, and eaten something else instead?
  • Have you ever known what was the right thing to do, and then done it?
  • Have you ever done something that you didn’t want to, but you did it because it would help another person out?

Fact #4: You can achieve goals that require time and effort

You say, “I could never do that,” but…

  • Have you ever gotten a passing grade at school?
  • Have you ever learned to cope with something (or someone) that at first you just couldn’t handle?
  • Have you ever been hired for a job?

You can change your life more than you ever thought possible

In the past, you have seen change happen in your life; stopped your impulse to do certain things; chosen what is good and done it; and applied time and effort to reach the goals you’ve chosen. Because you have done these things before, you can do them again.



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Gregg Williams, MFT

Retired therapist. Married 26 years. Loves board games, serious movies. Very curious about everything. Over 13,600 people are following my articles.