Why giving someone an apple was such a big deal for me

This is a story about how you can never tell how your actions affect the world around us.

I wrote this article in about an hour (a big contrast to the many hours that go into most of my articles). It had a “story” element to it (which people like), so I submitted it to The Coffeelicious, a publication with over 130,000 followers, all over the world:

I gave the man an apple. Then here’s what happened.

It’s already gotten 51 likes, which is huge for the kinds of article I write.

I’ll never know how many people will read it. But I know that it’ll give anyone who does a small nudge toward feeling better about themselves. As I put it:

It was a moment of grace, genuine, totally unrelated to having an iPhone in my hand. (Moments of grace never involve iPhones.)

I hope you’ll give it a few minutes of your time. I believe it’ll be worth it.



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Gregg Williams, MFT

Gregg Williams, MFT


Retired therapist. Married 26 years. Loves board games, deep movies. Boundless curiosity about everything. Over 13,600 people are following my articles.