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Your biggest enemy: “I don’t want to…”

They wouldn’t pick up the phone to save their life

“Sunny” was the most tragic client I had during my career as a therapist — all because of what they didn’t want to do.

They didn’t want to continue their first semester of college. (And their parents let them stay in the room they had since childhood.)

They didn’t want to find somewhere to live. (Eventually, they inherited their parents’ house in Biloxi, Alabama.)

When they came to me as a client, they didn’t want to pick up the phone to apply for a job. (They said they couldn’t call if they didn’t know how the conversation would go.)

Eventually, they ran out of money, and they became homeless.

I tell clients that your life is like a new “house”, and

Every time you refuse to go into the next room, your “house” gets →smaller←.

Has your “house” becoming too small for you to live in?

You can learn to thrive, not just survive

The key to making your life get better and better is summarized by one of the greatest motivational speakers of the 20th century, Jim Rohn:

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Here are 4 skills that unsuccessful people are not willing to do:

There are so many sentences that begin with “I don’t want to do/learn/try…”

Now, here’s where it gets personal.

Take the 90-Second “Where Could I Say Yes?” Challenge

This Challenge is quick and easy: Find 3 things in the past 3 days that you didn’t want to do, then write down what would have happened if you had said “yes” instead.

What have you learned?

Now, keep going!

When you’re unwilling to say “I don’t want to”, your life will get better than you can possibly imagine.

Say yes to the right things. You’ll be awesome.



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